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With the threat of terrorism and piracy on the high seas, fewer sailors are completing a circumnavigation of the globe. Lois and Gunter Hofmann achieved their eight-year, 34,000 mile nautical triumph after turning 60 years old. In this second book of the nautical trilogy, “In Search of Adventure and Moments of Bliss,” the couple faces adversity, but gains renewal and reward. Join them aboard their 43-foot Catana catamaran, Pacific Bliss, as they sail from San Diego to Australia, continuing their challenging but fulfilling circumnavigation.

Lois Joy Hofmann’s books offer something for everyone. From retirees and those dreaming about retirement, to boat owners, sailors, adventurers, travelers, geography buffs, and armchair sailors alike, Hofmann gives the reader “slice of life” moments through her compelling stories and captivating photos. Hofmann writes in a first-person style as if she is on location, sending stories from the front in real time. Stories often begin with the date, location, and─for the nautical buffs─latitude and longitude.

Editorial Review, Sailing the South Pacific

“The book is once again vividly illustrated with full-page, color photographs, and crammed with diverting historical asides; for instance, there’s a brief account of the Tahitian origin of the word “tattoo.”
This time, the trip is haunted by the dark specter of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Still reeling from their expulsion from the biotech company they founded and frustrated by its subsequent floundering, the Hofmanns were in search of an opportunity for self-reflection and renewal.
“The author memorably describes their brushes with danger…they also portray the quotidian quirks of long-distance travel…”
“Also, this installment includes lessons that Gunter learned about sailing that could prove useful to readers who might be planning a boat trip of their own.”
“A handsome memoir that should interest would-be sailors, as well as the author’s loved ones.”
“…an informative travelogue overall, and a gorgeous coffee table book.”
Kirkus Reviews

Reader Review:

By T & A
Format: Paperback

Wow!!! Lois once again brought to life in us, a real feeling of “being there”. The writing was very descriptive and fun to read. The photos were beautiful and really made us feel like part of the experience. There was a great openness in the descriptions of their emotions as they viewed beauty, made new friends and overcame the hardships of sailing. My husband said he felt like voyeur, stowed away in Petite Bliss, looking over their shoulders. Our patience for this second book was grandly rewarded, but now must start all over again. We are very much looking forward to the release of the next!!
5.0 out of 5 stars