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Lois-Author-Photo  Lois Joy Hofmann is the author of Maiden Voyage, Sailing the South Pacific, and The Long Way Back, all part of the nautical trilogy entitled In Search of Adventure and Moments of Bliss. Her first two books won first place in the Travel category of the San Diego Book Awards: Maiden Voyage in 2011 and Sailing the South Pacific in 2013.  The Long Way Back won in 2019 in the category of Published Travel.

Her stories have appeared in magazines such as Latitudes and Attitudes, Cruising World and Living Aboard. Hofmann has been a contributor to online magazines and blogs such as: Multihull Magazine, Yacht Blogs, Multihull newsletter, Top Dekk and The Log. Hofmann has also been a keynote speaker for various organizations including: yacht clubs, optimist clubs, book stores and libraries. Now that she has completed writing the book trilogy, Lois has  further enjoyed travel with her husband Günter to those countries they did not visit during their 8-year, 62-country sailing circumnavigation. She currently posts her adventures on her blog Sailors Tales.

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2011 San Diego Book Awards

2011 Winner in the Travel category, Non-fiction: Maiden Voyage







2013 San Diego Book Awards

2013 Winner in the Travel category, Nonfiction: Sailing the South Pacific

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Lois’ story, Force 10!, won Gold in the Solas Awards Cruise Story category








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Living without Regret

Pursue your passions; you only live once.                                

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Inspiration from Vanuatu


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