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In Search of Adventure and Moments of Bliss: A Nautical Trilogy by Lois Joy Hofmann

Lois Joy Hofmann’s books offer something for everyone. From retirees and those dreaming about retirement, to boat owners, sailors, adventurers, travelers, geography buffs, and armchair sailors alike, Hofmann gives the reader “slice of life” moments through her compelling stories and captivating photos. Hofmann writes in a first-person style as if she is on location sending stories from the front in real time. Stories often begin with the date, location, and—for the nautical buffs—latitude and longitude.

Sailing the South Pacific is the second book in the nautical trilogy In Search of Adventure and Moments of Bliss.

About the Book

book2coverWith the threat of terrorism and piracy on the high seas, fewer sailors are completing a circumnavigation of the globe. Lois and Gunter Hofmann achieved their eight-year, 34,000 mile nautical triumph after turning 60 years old. In this second book of the nautical trilogy, In Search of Adventure and Moments of Bliss, the couple faces adversity, but gains renewal and reward. Join them aboard their 43-foot Catana catamaran, Pacific Bliss, as they sail from San Diego to Australia, continuing their challenging but fulfilling circumnavigation

This inclusive book combines personal memoirs with stories about local cultures and customs, geography, catamaran sailing, and over 200 extraordinary photographs and maps. Visit our Products page or to purchase the book.



Maiden Voyage is the first book in the nautical trilogy In Search of Adventure and Moments of Bliss.

About the Book

Lois describes the couples’ first voyage from France, where they built their catamaran, to their home Coverin San Diego—a gripping physical, intellectual and emotional journey—in Maiden Voyage, the first book of her trilogy, In Search of Adventure and Moments of Bliss.

Maiden Voyage features over 150 extraordinary photographs of the Hofmanns’ travels. All of this is punctuated by magazine-style sidebars for each country visited that provide eye-popping educational, historical and geographic facts. Visit our Products page or to purchase the book.

Although more of a personal odyssey than a how-to book, readers can still learn much about cruising that Lois and Günter learned by doing:

  • How to make the transition from Boardroom to the high seas
  • What training to undertake for prepare for such an adventure
  • How to select and outfit a vessel for ocean cruising
  • How to train and manage crew
  • How to live aboard in a small space, yet keep your relationship intact
  • How to cope with severe weather and overcome fear
  • How to deal with delays and disappointments
  • How to “Mess with Boats,” e.g. fix boats in exotic locations, in a wry and humorous column contributed by Günter Hofmann
  • How to find and enjoy those rare moments of bliss





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